Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Well, all intentions to write weekly went out the door as soon as the camera's battery was empty and I could not fill it up again and because, I thought', what is a blog without photo's! Then, after one week of not writing followed another and suddenly  a few months  went by and now I am finally going to try again to remember what we have done which is going to be an impossible task because we have been mighty busy! After getting our car in Germany, we went to Groningen, and that  went by too quickly, and that was a real shame, we would have loved to spend more time there we even missed out on seeing some people that are very special to us because of poor planning on my part, and I hope to make that up to them soon.
this was the windmill in Uithuizen, Gronigen, we did not get a chance to look inside it, maybe next time.
 the kids in groningen at the apenkooi, they had tons of fun
                                  And yay! they got their bikes, now the dutch in them can really come out, kai is a speed demon and anouk prefers to go slow and if she does fall, which happens sometimes, even with side wheels she trows herself off like that is going to help anything, it is quite amusing actually.

We decided on a tent in the end instead of a caravan, and yes it is a lot more work, but we got the creme de la creme of the tent world, and we are quite happy with it and we can drive the speed limit which in the end works out a lot faster and we have been driving lots!!  we thought it would be good to test the tent in Holland, in case there would be anything wrong with it, so we set up tent in Het StrandBad in Edam and we had rain most of the time but we got lucky with putting up the tent, my sister watched the kids in her house and the sun came out just long enough for us to set up the tent, and it was quite comfy, a rainbow even came out to greet us 

we had a little heater that served us well that first week, then after packing everything in the car which is a huge puzzle that if you do not do it right, half will not fit in the car, the heater broke because we packed things on top or probably sat on it to be able to stuff more stuff in... thankfully our next stop was France, and it was warm there, very warm so we had no need for a heater anyway.

We arrived at http://www.lesalicourts.com/  at midnight and the reception was closed, we assumed there would be motels around the area but we were very wrong about that, it was quite remote, so we drove an hour and a half back to Orleans to find a hotel, and after hotel nr 5 we finally found one, but they had some kind of weird rule that they could not allow more than 3 people in the room so we smuggled anouk in and that was quite exciting at 2:30 at night, boy what a night that was, the next day when we arrived at the resort, it was really nice, and for the next week we swam a lot in the pools, and played at the playground 

They had a kids club there and the "disco" that they enjoyed.

We met some lovely people from Ireland and the kids really got along with their kids, and  it is so nice when that happens, unfortunately they were at the end of their stay when we arrived so we only got to hang out with them for a few days,  they made an awesome sand "village" though,. 

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