Friday, 24 May 2013

              It is freezing in Essen, Germany!

                                                          all right it is not as cold as this, but it feels like it!

Holy cow it is cold! 2 days ago we left Edam to go to Essen, Germany by train, it was the ICE train, fast and very comfy, withing 2.5 hours we were here, just enough time to do homework with the kids, we got to enjoy the scenery an in patches it was really nice.
Yesterday was 8 degrees......... it is spring for cryin' out loud! I checked the weather report for Waiheke, it was 10 degrees, in the Night! and it is freakin fall/winter there!!!!!   well we all know you do not go to Holland or Germany for the weather, I was already joking I needed to get us some long underwear, it would be funny if it was not true.

 Enough complaining though, we are enjoying Essen, we are staying at a friends house, and he has a daughter and he made her a great play room, so the kids are enjoying that lots, we went into the center of Essen yesterday and the underground metro system works really well and at 2.5 euro per ticket, not too expensive, we were not too blown away by the town, granted, we did not see everything, just the shopping streets and they seem the same almost everywhere.

Today we went for a walk in a lovely forest, just behind our home, called the Krupp-Wald we just went to the play area but it was absolutely beautiful and the kids got to run around

Tomorrow Colin will go and try to find us a car, he has 2 he wants to go and look at, the first car he had laid his eyes on was 4 hours away and when he called the car dealer, he got told that it sold, our friend called for us as well, and spoke German and then it was still available, maybe the dealer did not want to deal with English speaking people or something but we'd rather take our money elsewhere, so lets hope tomorrow works out.

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