Tuesday, 16 April 2013

           The last weeks.......

The Birthday party was a blast, lots of friends, lots of food and good fun, we had a face painter come and we are so happy that we did, she was amazing!   We do not know if the kids understand that they will not see their friends for a long time and we thought this would be a really nice way to leave, with good memories and photo's

We will miss our island and our lovely friends  but especially after today, when we learned about the horrific Boston bombing, it made me realize yet again how fragile life is and how much we want to be with our children and experience life together, learn together and live our dreams, even though it might be more dangerous to be on the road then in the garden of our home but we will live in the way that we want to live and not in the way society tells us we should live especially since that is not our thing and has never been our thing, it feels scary yet empowering to finally design the life we want and actually live it and there is a chance that it might blow up in our faces and it will be a massive Fail! The kids might beg us to go home after a  few months, Colin might lose his job and that will force us to go home .................Or We will have the time of our lives and we will become way better versions of ourselves and we might actually contribute to society in a     
positive way... we will just have to find out.
Three more weeks now and we still do not know if we will get a camper van or a caravan, caravan is cheaper yet way harder to drive but since we will not use it the whole time and do not have bundles of cash lying around I think it will be a caravan. packing is still a major issue, I think we are going to bring way to much stuff, oh well, live and learn I say 

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