Wednesday, 13 March 2013

why would you leave this place!

Why would you leave this place? Yes! fair enough question. We live on one of the most beautiful islands in New Zealand, have bought our home just over a year ago and, the kids are happy and we are very content  so why leave.... Well lets call it wanderlust, we love to travel, see new things, meet new people and would love for our kids to experience different cultures, excite their brains with the magic that the world has to offer and while you can do that by telling them about it and showing them a picture on google, we know that to actually experience it will make them grow into even more beautiful human beings, so we did it! we bought our tickets, we are going to rent out our house and we are going to travel for a YEAR!! In 7 weeks! aaaaaaaaah! So suddenly there is a lot to take care of like paint the two bedrooms sort our our stuff keep half, pack our stuff unpack and take half, somewhere in between that we will have to throw a double birthday/good bye party and fly!

Kai is 7 and has a lot of experience traveling, he has already lived in 4 different places in 2 countries, been on lots of trips within that time as well and loves it. he can not wait to go to Holland and meet all his family there ( I am dutch) and is even more excited to go to France and visit castles.
Kai has the important job of taking the pictures for this blog, which he is really proud of and will be writing here about the way he is experiencing our adventures as well so this will be a joint effort between me and him.

Anouk is almost 4 and is the happiest girl, most happy when she is with her brother who she looks up to very much and as long as she can be with us and play we could go to the moon and back and she'd be thrilled. she is also very excited that she will finally meet her family, in particular her little cousin of the same age which she has been in contact with on skype and by mail. and although she does not understand the full extend of what it means to travel for a long period, we think she will be a trooper.

At this point we are racing around like chickens with their heads cut of, so much to do so little time but as always it will work somehow and we will laugh about it later.... I hope.

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